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(To purchase the CBD Oil I use, scroll down it is on the last row). Also below are services & products to help beat your anxiety for good! I want you to know that I am here for you, as your anxiety coach, registered dietitian and fellow anxiety sufferer. I live by the motto that what you put inside your body & mind go hand in hand with how your mental health will play out in day to day life. During my battles with anxiety, finding a mental health coach was one of the best things I could have ever done (why? Because it was a lot easier conversing and getting help from someone who has been in my shoes before). I tried so many different things to get into the healthy state I am in today, and I can’t wait to help you . I am now an anxiety coach offering sessions and services to help you with your general anxiety, health anxiety, panic disorder, and agoraphobia or nutritional goals ! I am currently 3 years panic free (and counting!) and you will get there soon too.

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