Welcome to your safe place,

My name is Taylor Marae, owner of @health_anxiety and @anxietytoolkit, I am so thankful that you found this safe place where you are not alone. I work in private practice as a registered dietitian specializing in functional nutrition and healing the body from the inside out to heal your anxiety. With that being said- take a look around at all the services, products, blogs, and all things anxiety recovery to help you through this. I am here with you and for you! Together, we can get you to the best mental and physical state you have ever been in. I encourage you to first read my story in the About Me section on my journey with panic disorder, extreme anxiety, health anxiety, agoraphobia and my recovery.

Welcome to your safe place,

Stressed about where to start?

Listed are all the the places you can begin your recovery. You win today, not anxiety.


Heal Your Gut

Did you know a lot everyone suffers from Leaky Gut Syndrome which can be a significant trigger to our mental health?

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Anxiety Coaching

Want a customized recovery plan individually made for you?

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Purity CBD

The completely natural and organic supplement that I have been swearing by for year for healing my anxiety. Want to try it?

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Essential Oils

Have you looked into the brand of essential oils you are diffusing and consuming? Essential oils can be a huge proponent in ones recovery but they can also be extremely harming if you are not choosing the seed to seal formula. Click to learn more.

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Anxiety Toolkit

Want to know evey thing I did to reach recovery? I combined all the steps into an Anxiety Toolkit. Click to learn more.

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Positive Shirts & More

Looking for motivational shirts, jewelry, and accessories?

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Start your journey to recovery now.

No matter how dark or how deep you feel you are in your anxiety, recovery is still possible.

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Don’t know where to begin in your journey? Feeling stressed out by all the people saying “try this” “do this”, trust me I get it. Email me peakofpanic@gmail.com